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Tip Of the Week - Swim Cap Slipping Off

This week I have been asked twice why a swim cap keeps coming off during the session. Now there are a few reasons why caps come off while swimming e.g. the cap is getting old and stretched (common) or you may have a strange shaped head (not so common).

But another reason and the one I'm going to talk about is the cap that keeps coming off the day after you have washed your hair and used a conditioner. In both situations this week the person in question had washed their hair and used conditioner the day prior. The condition when wet gets a bit slimy and so the cap struggles to stay on. Take the cap off, turn it inside out, give it a good rinse in the water and it should stay on better. It may need to be done a couple of times.

If you are doing a swim event then don't wash your hair for a few days or the week leading up to the event. For some this may be extreme, not washing your hair, but if you want that swim cap to stay on best to give it a go.

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