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Mr Smooth

A big warm welcome to the Hamilton squad

adult swim squad

We offer swim coaching for adults between the ages of 16 and 70+ and from the beginner to the professional, all within our uniquely supportive environment at the wonderful Fastlane Pool!

Powered by the world renowned Swim Smooth coaching system, we work with a huge range of ability levels across triathletes, pool and open water swimmers per week.


Alongside our 13 weekly squad sessions that cover all your training needs for any freestyle event, we offer our premium 1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Sessions for those requiring a little extra special attention for their stroke technique. 

​We fundamentally believe that every swimmer in our squad is an individual and should be treated as such. Our Swim Types* coaching system recognises that we are all built differently, that we come from a wide range of swimming backgrounds and experiences and even varied learning styles too. We're not all 6ft6in tall with the wingspan of an albatross and a swimming resume that might make even Thorpie wince. Nor are we all training solely for pool swimming - which is VERY different from swimming well in the open water - so why should we all be coached in the same way? We shouldn't, and you won't. 

If you want the highest quality swim coaching known to fish-kind and are serious about improving your enjoyment and swimming efficiency for whatever purpose, then Swim Smooth Hamilton is for you!


Dive on in! The water is always beautiful here at Fastlane!

Squad Fee Structure & Bookings

The PAYG or Pay-As-You-Go system uses some clever software which allows you to book into the sessions you want to attend, but selectively opt-out of the ones you can't. Doing so frees up a space in the session for someone else and means you're not paying for a service you don't use. 


All session fees are exclusive of pool entry fees ($7.50 for a single entry, less for bulk pay cards) and take place at the Fastlane Fitness Pool.   

  • Casual session: $13.00 with a 12 month expiry

  • 10 sessions: $107.00 ($10.70/session) with a 4 month expiry

  • 25 sessions: $240.00 ($9.60/session) with a 6 month expiry

  • 50 sessions: $375.00 ($7.50/session) with a 9 month expiry

This is what you can expect at the various sessions throughout the week:

  1. Monday 5.35am, 6.40am & 9.30am: A pure technique session, offering you the chance to come in and work on your stroke. A great way to start the week and particularly suitable to those who've recently done a 1-2-1 Video Analysis session.

  2. Tuesday 5.35am: This 1hr25min session is for those who have a diesel engine and like longer, challenging swim sets at moderate paces.

  3. Tuesday 6.30pm, Wednesday 5.35am, 6.40am & 9.30am: This 1hr session is a shorter version of the Tuesday 5.35am session.

  4. Thursday 5.35am: Taking components of the Monday's technique session with the inclusion of speed/anaerobic threshold work to create a 1hr25min session. This session can be both very challenging, highly rewarding and, surprisingly enough, fun!

  5. Thursday 6.30pm, Friday 5.35am, 6.40am & 9:30am: Similar to the Thursday 5.35am session but only 1hr. 

  6. Saturday 7.00am (Winter Months): This is a free un-coached session. Over winter these sessions range in distance from between 4.0km to 6.0km and then over the summer months people tend to swim outdoors but a pool session will be emailed to you during the week.

Here's how to sign up for your first session:

Find a class below that suits your schedule and your swimming focus. By clicking on the 'View details' link below you can easily find out which lane best suits your swimming ability. If it's available (without a waitlist) you can just go right ahead and sign up, but if it's over-subscribed, try your luck using the waitlist feature - you'll be notified by SMS & email up to 6hrs before the session starts if you've been offered a spot.

Fees & Bookings
Video Analysis
swim instruction
video analysis
video analysis

1-2-1 Video Analysis & Stroke Correction

Don't waste hours of your time thrashing up and down the pool with poor technique.

Make the change your hard work and dedication deserves by investing in our most premium service - a private 1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction Session with Swim Smooth's Hamilton Head Coach, Russell Smith. 


A Swim Smooth video analysis consultation is perfect if you have unanswered questions about why you might have plateaued-off with your performance, or even if what you're doing in your swim training is the most efficient way for you to personally improve.


This session is suitable to most levels of swimmer's - from those of you learning to swim the freestyle stroke, to those looking to break world records (and everywhere else in between!). You cannot undervalue how important it is seeing yourself swimming above and below the water and understanding whats holding you back and how to then improve.


Let us guide you through a comprehensive 75-90minute consultation which includes: complete HD video capture, fully recorded analysis to take home on a special USB drive for later review and a thorough stroke correction component with radio assisted communication between your coach and you whilst totally submerged in the water. 
















Your session will be broken down as such:

swim analysis
Brakes On                            Brakes Off
Full HD Filming

Have your stroke filmed in all it's glory above and below the water from a range of comprehensive angles to best identify where your issues lie


An in-depth 25-30 minute recorded review of your stroke will ensue and highlight exactly what issues you face and more importantly, how to correct them

Stroke Correction

Picking out faults is a relatively simple task, knowing how to correct those faults in the most effective and time-efficient way is what sets your coach apart and will ensure a great result for you

Cost: $180
or purchase a gift card

world class coaching just for you...

swim videoing

What People are Saying

From doctors to lawyers, entrepreneurs to hair-dressers (and everything in-between), we have a huge range of people from all walks of life finding fun, fitness & friendship here at the Fastlane Pool whilst most are asleep!

The Video session was HUGE !! , you gave me so much info. and skills to work on. Conversation was easy to understand and all the rationale and  protocols of how to succeed were easy to follow and comprehend. I reckon if you can “improve and crack this hard nut” then anyone, anywhere can follow suit. 

Shorty Clark

Russell, I wanted to give you some feedback on the video analysis session you provided me a couple of months ago. Since doing the video session, I have noticed a marked improvement in my time/100m. By implementing only one key change to my technique (concentrating on the catch and not overreaching) my time has gone from averaging 1:32/100m in a 50m pool, to 1:28/100m, which is a 4sec improvement without any additional physical effort. Whilst you pointed out a number of other things I should do, I immediately noticed a difference time wise by adjusting something as simple as my catch. Thanks for your expert guidance here and I would highly recommend that anyone who is serious about swimming go through this exercise. If you’re about going faster (without any additional effort) it’s worth the investment. 

Watching those videos yesterday and getting the feedback and advice was very useful. That technique of recording and analysing the stroke is very powerful. I've been having a good read through the Swim Smooth pages since you sent the links.  

Paul Kelleher

Brendon Tipping


Need anymore inspiration?

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a collection of our finest YouTube video clips. Watch Mr Smooth himself (Jono Van Hazel) cruise beautifully down the pool, learn how Mega Megan has made the improvements she has, understand what CSS is and how it benefits your swimming, work out how to enjoy your own swimming that little bit more by being a little playful, plus lots, lots more! Enjoy!

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Tel: +64 021 557474

Fastlane Fitness Pool, Hamilton, New Zealand

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